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LikesXL Revenue Sharing, Is it a SCAM? A complete review

Sat, 16 Jan 2016 / Published in Business, News, Scam, Website,
LikesXL Revenue Sharing, Is it a SCAM? A complete review

LikesXL Revenue Sharing, a scam or a golden goose?

Recently a new website appear on surface LikexXL.com, They so called came up with a unique idea of revenue sharing. Let’s start with their business modal:

Their are several introductory videos are available on YouTube to explain how the website works. Initial research shows that they claim to have association with some top companies such as KFC, Coca-cola, Mercedes, Ikea and many others.

If it’s true then without doubt idea is simple enough and yet really powerful. Registered user will purchase packs to advertise their own business or anything they want. 

Step One (Registration)

Two ways of registration either you click on the registration link on top right of the website or ask your sponsor to send you the link.

Step Two (Packs) €50 each

Once registered, users need to purchase minimum one pack (€50). Company recommend between €580 and €1,180 to make rapid progress. 

Step Three (Look at ads)

LikesXL ask every user to watch minimum of 10 ads per day by going to Advertisement > Look at ads. Watching 10 ads will activate your earning of next 24 hours. Watching more than 10 ads won’t make any difference.

Step Four (Keep buying packs)

The ultimately target is to achieve 900 Packs. You don’t have to keep buying packs but that’s what company is recommending people. It will make sense in a while.

That’s it! open LikesXL website every day and login to your account and watch 10 ads. 

What will you earn from LikesXL per day?

Your one pack will last for 120 days and then expire. Average earning is 50c per day and that makes you earn €60 in 120 days. That means LikesXL is giving €10 on every €50 you spent with them.

Here is the interesting part:

If you purchase 10 packs which is equal to €500 and that will make your earning of €5. With this calculation you will earn €50 in 10 days and you can purchase another pack so 11th day you will have 11 packs. So with this calculation you can purchase the next pack in almost 9 days. let’s elaborate this:

1st Day 10 Packs 10th Day 11 Packs

19th Day 12 Packs 27th Day 13 Packs

35th Day 14 Packs 42nd Day 15 Packs

49th Day 16 Packs 55th Day 17 Packs

62nd Day 18 Packs 67th Day 19 Packs

72nd Day 20 Packs

So in 72 days you have your investment back. To good to be true right?!

Now let’s talk about what is fishy there.

Domain: (High Risk)

The domain is registered on August 24, 2015 and it is registered for 2 years. So the date we are writing this article, the domain is only 146 days old. Domain age is a huge factor to make any such business legit or possibly scam. The domain registered on the name of Peter Kolar and email office@setimoag.com. We checked setimoag.com and that’s again coming up with a coming soon page.

Website: (High Risk)

A company like this dealing in so much revenue, their website isn’t reflecting fraction of it’s worth. Personally us being a team of web designer and developer, even if we thought of any small idea we would make sure the presentation of the website is good enough to attract visitors and give away a sense of trust. When you visit LikesXL.com their website is saying “GO AWAY” in capital letters. 

500 Companies (Not really)

Website claim to have Fortune500 companies around the globe to be listing their advertisements on LikesXL.com We have browsed nearly 200 pages and we found following companies advertisement 

KFC, McDonald, Coca-cola, Mercedes, Ikea, Ferrari, Porsche, Renault, Prada, Gucci, Apple (iPhone), Disneyland, Pizza Hut, Red Bull, Qatar Airways that’s it!

A company who is claiming exclusive association with 500 top companies has only hand full of advertisement. Not really a valid cliam!

We have gone a step ahead and email to all the above mentioned companies to check if they are listing on LikesXL. Haven’t received any reply yet, it was just today we send them so let’s see if our email get any attention.

Withdraws (Not clear)

Website claim that you can withdraw your investment any time. This isn’t true either, LikesXL is encouraging everyone to keep investing back. There is no clear indication or option where and how can we withdraw our earning from it. All it shows is a link to “Order your prepaid mastercard”


I would personally ask everyone to be extra cautious to invest anything with them. If it’s true then I don’t see why anyone has to do anything else but watch 10 ads per day.

I cannot make a clear assumption on if LikesXL is a scam or not but surely everything pointing to a well organized fraud.

Just be safe people and if you have already invested in LikesXL then I would recommend to get your investment out as soon as possible. DO NOT KEEP BUYING MORE PACKS… Coz one day this website will go bust and all of your money will evaporate in thin air.

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