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LaoJee, Complete Job Portal

LaoJee promotes international employment opportunities for Pakistanis and ensure that deserving Job Seekers have equal opportunity to find a job in making the necessary socio-economic changes.
LaoJee works to achieve:
  • To practically solve unsolved Human Resource problems.
  • To give unlimited opportunity to educated professionals in getting jobs.
  • To protect and improve human life.
  • To give ordinary youth a fair chance to get equal employment opportunity.
  • To make Pakistan as a Developed Country in the very near future In sha'a ALLAH.
  • CLIENT LaoJee
  • WE DID Website Designing, Development, Domain, Website and Email Hosting
  • Year 2014
  • Country Pakistan
  • Category Website
  • Partners
  • Completion 3 Months
  • Status Completed and Live
  • MMS SERVICES is one of the most reliable and competent organization run by a number of IT professionals. Their focus is to provide best and efficient quality of work to their respectable clients. Moreover, they always meet the client’s requirement and timeline. We are fully satisfied with their way of working and Support and appreciate their professional work and trouble shooting. Hope to coordinate in future as well.
    Dr. Slaeem Siddiqi

Management is everything

When LaoJee approached us, they already had website developed on Joomla and looking for a complex reporting. They had several quotes for multiple developers including some from
. We quote them a complete solution in a similar amount others were asking for developing a report. They were really surprised and called a detailed meeting straightway. 

In our first official sitting with LaoJee administration and staff we gathered all the information about how their operative website working and all the limitations they had in there. We guaranteed them to make their work load 70% less than what it was.  Due to Joomla plugins they were using a lot of concepts of their business required manual handling. 

We spend quality times and several meetings to make sure that both sides stablished the fundamentals of their business and since we were going through a process of redevelopment of LaoJee.com it was a great opportunity to implement new ideas to make the upcoming websites more user-friendly and automate operations to make LaoJee's life easier.

The new LaoJee.com is a fully operative job portal, it allows: 

Employers to register, post jobs, browse/search resumes and manage job applications. Employers can shortlist job applications but job seekers and further ask for contact details from the admin. There is a built in chat system which allows employers to communicate and upon releasing contact details of specific job seeker, employer can initiate contact using their preferred medium of communication.

Employees to register, upload resume, browse/search job and apply for jobs. Job seekers will be able update their resume as often as they want.

Most importantly admin has control over everything goes through the website, admin approves every new/updated resume before it appears on website. Our developers allows LaoJee's staff to bulk upload resumes, bulk upload jobs. LaoJee staff can answer any queries using admin panel. Staff can manage every piece of data and update all fields which allows both types of users to select while registering.

Wish we could explain everything we made possible in LaoJee.com it is one of our very complex and proud project. We would recommend you to visit LaoJee.com and try to see for yourself. It is still an ongoing project, where we are continuously adding more features to help LaoJee staff manage everyday tasks.