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Marwah Tech

Marwahtech is Pakistan based leading worldwide IT services and voip wholesale Provider. They are routing millions of minutes per day. Without doubt in today's competitive market it is vital to work together with business partners. Working with MarwahTech we realize that they are part of something bigger and not only their customers are really happy with them, MarwahTech have an excelent relationship with their vendors.

We absolutely enjoyed working with them and their creative ideas push our skills to test and this is something we loved about them.

  • CLIENT Sohail Mehmood
  • WE DID Designing & Development
  • Year 2015
  • Country Pakistan
  • Category Website
  • Partners
  • Completion 2 Months
  • Status Live
  • MMS Services has proven to be a very professional and promising company throughout the development process. They have been very co-operative, we believe that they have overachieved our expectations.
    Sohail Mehmood

More than just a website

When MarwahTech approached us they were only looking for us to design some excel based invoice for them which can help them send a professional looking invoice to their client. They didn't had any website and neither they were interested to get one.

When we understand their business and procedures of work, we advised them a better solution which will revolutionized their business forever. All of a sudden they were all excited and ready to move to the next level.

We have developed a front end website which doesn't look more than any other website. However, the backend allows admin to fully automate their work. From sending automated emails to the references of their new client's, assigning special rates to each client, recording transaction on daily bases and generating invoicing on custom selected date range and email to the client. Sounds easy right, ask us to give you a demo and we will show you how the whole portal works and it may encourage you to make your life easier.